International studies

As of autumn 2012, Vea offers an international study programme aimed at students from different national backgrounds. Teaching will be conducted in English.

Botanical work made by Monika M. Bebenek
Photo: Dorte Finstad 

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Vea invited florists for a workshop in Italy

The workshop took place at Fondazione Minoprio in Milano, Italy.

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Workshop in Italy with students from Experimental Floral design (EF)

Hanbury botanical garden, on the border between Italy and France, is one of Italy’s most important botanical gardens. Vea's students at EF had the great pleasure of working in this garden on a international workshop. EF is an international college vocational school programme for florists and other crafts, artisans, and designers who want competence in experimentation with botanical materials. This is how Hanbury looked like after the workshop...

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Soft LandArt by Experimental Floral Design in Italy

Our students at Experimental Floral Design are in Italy these days, working with soft LandArt together with Italian florists at Fendazione Minoprio. The teachers, Runi and Siv, gives you the story and pictures from this experience:
Eleven sights are made in the park, some massive and dominating their place, some like an accent to the landscape, others more play full and poetic or meditative.

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The first year with Experimental floral design

The school year is almost passed and the exam is drawing near. Here is a visual taste of what we have been up to during the sessions this year.

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International education at Vea

The vocational programme "Experimental Floral Design" has begun!

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How can we use a hanger?

The students from Experimental Floral Design went outing in the woods!

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Experimental floral design's start of studies is drawing near

Experimental floral design is a new, international vocational programme starting at Vea in the autumn of 2012. The plans for the school year is coming together and we have enough students to begin the programme.

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