Rent a room/bedsit at Vea

Vea rents out rooms for part-time pupils and students.

When you stay at Vea, you get access to washing machines in the buildings. The old dormitory and the kitchen building also have saunas. Unfortunately, we cannot offer rooms for all our students wishing to stay here, but we can give you a list of private housing options nearby. The list is handed out by the student administration



If you have entered into a rental contract with Vea, you will get to stay at Vea during your sessions. As we have many students needing accommodations each year, this can be a bit of a challenge to us. Some part-time students will need to switch rooms during the year. You still have the opportunity to arrive at Vea on Sundays, but it is important that you have cleaned your room and checked out before 10.00 on Fridays. If your room is left untidy and dirty, you will get charged with a cleaning fee of NOK 800,–.

If you loose your key, there is a compensation charge of NOK 500,-. If you have any questions or messages concerning the dormitories, please send an e-mail to


Oppdatert 15.01.2016