The greenhouse and the park/gardens

There are many areas at Vea where the students may enjoy themselves in green environments/surroundings.

The greenhouse with its four departments centrally located at Vea, and is used actively during tuition.

Department 1 has decorative plants, department 2 and 3 are used for production of seasonal plants. Department 4 has cut roses used for tuition.

Flowers and plants produced at Vea are to be used by pupils and students. It is permitted to collect botanical material from the different areas of Vea if it is for educational purposes. At the start of the year, you will get a guided tour of the outdoor area, so you get to know where you may collect botanical materials.

In the park, trees and shrubs are labelled with Norwegian and botanical terms so you may learn to recognize them and learn their names.

Oppdatert 30.09.2015