The library

The academic library is a good place to study and relax.

With more than 6000 unique titles, Vea probably has Norway’s largest collection of non-fiction within the fields of floristry and horticulture. You will definitely find a source of inspiration here!

The library also offers fiction, audiobooks, DVDs and magazines. On the library`s page, you have access to several search- engines and image- bases where you can find relevant literature for your educational programme.

The librarian is more than happy to obtain books from other libraries, if you find anything lacking. The library has two computers for searching our library database or the internet, and we have plenty of outlets for your laptops.

Opening hours

The library is serviced by our librarian Turid Espelund Haugen Monday-Thursday 08.00-15.30. Students can use the library whenever they want, using the student identity card given to you at the start of studies. The student identity card is also your library card.

Turid can assist you in finding relevant books or magazines, or order literature from the nationwide interlibrary scheme Vea is part of. Turid also gives courses in how to write assignments.

Turid shows films in the auditorium 3-4 afternoons a month, chosen from the students’ wish list.

In the library`s reception area, you`ll find the lending machine where you register everything you borrow or hand in from the library`s collection.





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