Student exchange in Slovenia

As students at Vea, Elin and Marianne got the oportunity to visit our partnerschool in Slovenia, with financial support from the Erasmus+.

Along with Runi Kristoffersen and teachers from flower school Horticulturo in Celje, we visited four florists in Ljubljana. We were impressed by the incredibly wide range of cut flowers and focus on display in the stores. They are not afraid to bring in exclusive flowers, fruits and plants, which is a little out of the ordinary. The stores have great assortment depth and only takes into relevant item products. Other "regular" florists we saw in Ljubljana also focuses on a thriving range, but the focus on selection and exhibition is less important. A subsidiary income in all flower shops are general gift wrapping, where customers deliver any product for neatly wrapping in paper and cellophane. 

We were deployed one week in the flowershop by creative director Tomaž Smrtnik called Cvetlivarna Emporia. It is located in the heart of Ljubljana, right next to the Star Park. Tomaž is known to be one of the best decorators in the country, and his focus lies on handicraft and respect for the flowers. All crafts must be approved before put up for sale. Both private and business customers are loyal, affluent and expect quality. The shop is bursting with big beautiful plants, cut flowers in vases and exclusive flowerpot holders. It was inspiring to be in a store where the focus on handcraft is so high and the staff takes time to complete a product. Prices are the same as in Norway, both on average and crafts.


In Slovenia it is common to put flowers on the grave of the 1st of November and for this occasion we created two products each for sale at the store. We were given a oasis-hemisphere in barrels and we got to determine the expression, colors, and materials ourselves. In addition, we bound garlands with rosehips closely together and with perfect form to be sold for Christmas. Tomaž uses a lot of dry botanical materials in decorations, as employees have reaped even around the country. Tomaž with his gardener education gladly designs gardens and patios as well. The staff is focused on plant care and redistribution of this, so that the quality of flower and plant come right up to the customer's home.



Slovenia is spelled with "love" in its name, and we found love everywhere we went. We confidently recommend a vacation to Ljubljana or through Erasmus+ and their exchange program.

Text and photo: Elin Susann Havreberg and Marianne Leren

Oppdatert 19.10.2015