Vea invited florists for a workshop in Italy

The workshop took place at Fondazione Minoprio in Milano, Italy.

A new workshop in Fondazione Minoprio with 40 participants. Like last year, the focus is on Soft Landart and the process of working in the park with different people from different countries. This year, our students at "Experimental floral design" from Norway and Poland took part together with other florists from Norway, many Italians and one girl from France.

We are working in the beautiful park around the school. Some work alone and some work in groups, some mix nationalities and some groups are national.

It turns out many beautiful and interesting works, and we discuss if there are any national differences or eventually age or gender makes the difference?

Some are like small accents to the landscape.




One worked with reflection in the water that is difficult to see.

In one linear work, the colors of the tulips are getting out of their line to be free.

The fountain has started flowering.

The Sopora gets life with lines of half dead Magnolia leaves and a big nest is placed by the schools entrance. 

Followed are pictures of some of the other works that was created in the park during the workshop. 





Tekst: Runi Kristoffersen and Siv Engen Heimdahl

Foto: Siv Engen Heimdahl

Oppdatert 01.10.2015