Minna is a finnish teacher studying Experimental floral design in Norway

Experimental floral design is a part time study for everybody with a trade certificate within the esthetic subjects. We have spoken with Minna, about beeing a student in Norway while she also is a teacher in Floristry in Finland.

Name: Minna Helena Uusi-Simola

Class: Experimental floral design

Age: 41

Coming from:Finland

Background: Specialist Qualification in Floristry

Place of work: Vocational teacher in Floristry, TTS Institute, Rajamäki

Why did you choose the education «Experimental floral design” at Vea?

Because I wanted to improve my skills and go further. I am working as a teacher so I don’t practice the handcraft daily.

Do you think it is useful for you, as a teacher?

Yes, it is very useful. I have used a lot of what I have learned here for my students in Finland.

In what way is the study program?

Experimental floral design is a part time study, where we meet for some weeks during one year. Most of the gatherings are at Vea in Norway, but we also had one gathering in Malmö and Copenhagen, and it was really good. In Malmö we had interesting lightening lessons. We got known postmodern art by visiting museums and galleries in Malmö and Copenhagen, and it is always nice to be in a new environment. Soon we are going to Italy for “Soft Land Art” work-shop, I am really looking forward to it.

Its’ a little bit hard to be a part-time student, because I have family and work, but I manage. It is only for one year. Anyway it’s sometimes good to be away from home, it had made my son more independent.

How do you like being a student at Vea?

I like it very much. I was here for a two weeks international workshop in 2008 and since then I have wanted to get back to Vea.

What about the class?

It is very interesting class because there are students from different branches and they have different background. We are thinking differently, it is nice to have conversations and discussions. We all think different and do things in another way.

What are you doing after finishing the «Experimental floral design?

I continue teaching and develop what I have learned now. I will use my experience and offer it some way for other crafts in Finland.

What would you like to say to other persons wondering if they should take this education or not?

They should! It is useful to go over the border and start to think differently. You have to go into an area where you are uncomfortable. More wide perspective you have, more stronger you get because you learn a lot about yourself.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I think it is nice to come to Vea. Surrounding is calm and beautiful and people are nice. Some might be afraid to learn new things, but it’s important not to get stuck to the old habits. When I get here, I can be free from the limitations that I have at home. I’m here in encouraging environment and I can do things that I don’t usually do.


Minna is working with planmaterials, snow and ice at Vea in February 2016.

Text and photo: Dorte Finstad


Oppdatert 13.11.2017