One hundred Year Anniversary at Ingvar Strandhs blomsterskola

The annual flower show at Ingvar Strandhs Flower School took place last weekend. It was also a very special celebration of the 100 years anniversary of the estate of the school.

When you walk around these buildings you can sense the rich stories that lie here - the dreams that this school started with. The dreams and visions of the people from all over the world who came here for the same purpose - their love and fascination for flowers and handcraft.


The beautiful flower exhibition this year is smaller than it used to be during the glorious days of the school. When you enter the exhibition room the main focus is pear trees decorated with different flowers in white, green and grey colors. White and blue light effects interact and create a sense of a very special sort of Nordic winter wonderland feeling. After 30 years of educating Ingvar Strandhs Flower School says goodbye with this exhibition.  

Text and photo: Johana C.B and Tarmo Noormets

Oppdatert 30.11.2015