My visit to the flower school of Paris, Ecole des fleuristes de Paris

The only flower school in Paris is private, and they have about 350 students on two levels. The two years study is finished with a big test that is mainly national but also some parts of it is local. 


The first lesson I followed had students that did two years in one year because they already had done all the other subjects, so floristry had the total focus.


Parallel bouquets was the task, their teacher, Christelle Meslin showed them what to do, and they all tried to do the same. Every student had the same amount and type of flowers to use for the week.

This bouquet was built with electrical tape and snakgrass to make it parallel, and afterwards this was covered with Aspedistra leaves.

The bouquet when it is finished.

To be able to re-use the flowers the next task was to make a heart and a wreath with the short roses. Christelle talked about the same as we do, importance of the shape, high on the “pillows”, deep in the middle and the marking on the pointed edge. And of course the need of the opening in the middle of the wreath!

There were 4 classes in school this day, some of them were training in making bouquets with a lot of flowers.

My second day at Les Fleuristes

The next day in school Christelle was guiding the students that were preparing for their exam. The national task that they had started on was supposed to be an honor to an artist; Maya Hayuk, which had an exhibition in the Grand Palaise.

All the students had to use:

  • 1X1 m Plexiglas
  • 50x50cm wooden plates
  • 3 steel wires of 1 m each
  • 1 packet of half transparent A4 paper 
  • Some electric wires in maximum 3 different colors

To help them with the ideas Christelle had invited the French master of the year, Frederic Dupre. Every student discussed their ideas with him, and he helps them to find the right solution.

To the left is the sketch from the student and to the wright is the ide after the discussion with Fredrik.


The sketches from Marjorie Tchekmian, one of the students

The other class that was working with this exam had been constructing their bases, and this is some of their ideas. Their teacher Martine Soulier guided them, and Fredrik helped them with some technique parts.


The drawing lessons is taken care of by Mr. Germain. He had some interesting ways of starting the ideas. Like in these drawings, the idea was how the fountains lead the water, and make ideas to transform that to plant materials. Other ideas he gave his students was from architecture or from design, done in the same way. 



In the classroom there were a wall with inspiration for different techniques and materials for bridal bouquets. Some students making corsages.

I wish the students on the last level good luck with their exam! Here are some photos from earlier exams at school(photo: Les Fleuristes):




Thanks a lot to Mr. Vincent Dinet, the headmaster that gave me the possibility to visit the school  and introduced me to the teachers.

Text and photo: Runi Kristoffersen

Read more about the Ecole des fleuristes de Paris here: www.lesfleuristes.com   

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