A letter from Mercato dei fiori & Bussana Vecchia

Friday 15th of april, a bunch of florists and different craftswoman went on a journey to a flowermarket and a strange little village in Italy, San Remo. What a day!



We went to San Remo and Mercato dei fiori where we saw the auction area with all the beautiful ranunculus.

Enrico Sparago guided us and explained the process with the auction and the buyers.

We also got to see another part of the Mercato dei fiori where some woman where aking bunches of ranunculus.

The trip went further to Bussana Vecchia. A truly special and freespirited little village.



The artisans seemed to be living in a simple way and in harmony.



After a nice lunch and good drinks we went down from Bussana Vecchia to the beach. A walk with nice veiw.

On our way down we met a family business, a mother and a son, who among others where exporting papaver to the United States. Papaver from this little room all across the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing!


Mom and son preparing export of papaver. 

What a beautiful way to end the day...


Text and photo: Toril Aas and Marte Vorgaard

Oppdatert 13.11.2017