A year at Vea

Anniken has been a pupil at Norges grønne fagskole – Vea this year, where she has finished her basic training in Floristry. This is her story! 

Lately I have been thinking about how fast time can go. It is almost unbelievable! This year I have been at Norges grønne fagskole – Vea. We have got to do and learn so much! It is very sad that we only have one month left in this beautiful place, but that’s how it is.

All over, I am happy with the academic content this year. We have been through all the different types of floral work, all the different disciplines and all the different names of cut flowers, pot flowers, cut green and more. We have learned everything we need to know to become an apprentice. We also have got to challenge our creativity and learned how to think "outside the box". I am very grateful for that. Vea is located at a very beautiful place in Moelv. The school’s outdoor area is amazingly big and that is one thing I really like.

If we bring our key card, we have access to almost everything at school, even though it is after closing time. If we want to work late or want to practice something, we can get inside the school building and work. I think that is a great opportunity. I do regret that I didn’t work at the evenings in the beginning of the year, because when we first started here, we could go to the summer fields and reap all the flowers we wanted to. Now we just have the flowers that are in the cold storage room and we have a lot to do this semester with tests and submissions. I should have taken more advantage of the time back then.

Vea has great activity offers. We can get fit in the work out room that every student has access to. In addition, because Vea is so big, the school has their own boat that we are allowed to use. I have used this possibility a lot, to put it that wayJ

 If we want to go to Moelv to buy some food for the weekend or just to get some fresh air, we can borrow the bicycle that Vea lends. I regret that I didn’t use the bicycles more, when we had the opportunity. Another thing I really should try out here at Vea is the sauna. I am not quite sure how it works, but in the cantina, there is a note that says the days that the sauna is hot. I haven’t tried this, but I really should one time before the schoolyear is over.

We have access to the library. This is a great pride for Vea, because it is a library with around 6000 different books. You can read books about the academic content in your program, or you can read a good thriller. In addition, it is not a boring library where you have to be quiet all the time (but you have to pay attention to what the other students thinks is ok). You can go there if you want to hang around with your friends or you can go there to read for your exam. It is a great place to get together to have a little chat or to catch up with some reading.

I am also very happy with the distribution of the concentrated subjects and common subjects in the weekdays. I think I like it better when all the common subjects are put together in one day and we don’t have to go back and forth between the different subjects. I am one of the people that actually like theory, and in that way, I am happy for the classes with these kind of subjects.

One thing I wish there was a little bit more focus on, was to arrange some activities together with the other classes to get to know them a little bit more. I have made some really good friends this year and I am so grateful for that! However, I wish we could get to know someone from the other classes a little bit better. There are some of the pupils who have taken the initiative themselves and invited the fellow students at Vea to Pizza-nights and game-nights, but I wish the school could arrange more gatherings with the students.

Overall, I am very happy with this year. I have made friends for life, I have changed both professionally and personally, and I am convinced that I chose the right profession!

Text: Anniken Lid

Photo: Dorte Finstad

Oppdatert 01.09.2017