Workshop “Soft Landart” - experimental design with plant materials

We have the great pleasure to invite you to our workshop in Italy, April 2018

The workshop is for everyone who are interested in plant materials and land art, and  want to work  in a beautiful and exotic landscape while creating and exploring opportunities with plant materials. The theme for the workshop is “Soft Landart/installation”. There will be a theme introduction about the possibilities followed by practical work in the landscape.

For: Anyone interested in plant materials and land art

Time: 09.-14th April 2018 (We start the workshop in the Arma Taggia Monday April 09th at approx 20:00 and finish Saturday April 14th at approx 16:00)

Place: Arma di Taggia, San Remo, Italy

Price: NOK 1200,-

Mentors: Runi Kristoffersen and Siv Engen Heimdahl

Application: Applicationform

Key words: 

  • Intro Soft land Art/ installation
  • Trip to a Botanical gardeden
  • Trip to a beautifull small city called Badalucco, to work in the olivegrows
  • Trip to a small artist and handicraft place Bussana vecchia in the highlands behind Arma de Taggia
  • Practical work outdoors
  • Cooperate and share knowledge
  • Exploration, play and creativity

Place to stay: We suggest to stay at Hotel Lucerna (http://www.albergolucerna.it/)

Please book the room directly to the hotel or to an other hotel in the area.
(Day for arrival 09th of April and day for departure 14th of April)

Travel: We suggest to go by plane to Nice and travel further to San Remo by train. 

Mentors for the workshop are Runi Kristoffersen and Siv Engen Heimdahl. They are both versatile florist and artist, with a curious and playful approach to floral art. They have both a lot of experience with how to create and experiment with plant materials. During the workshop, you will get an insight into soft Landart, the qualities and possibilities of plant materials, and different ways to use it. You will get the opportunity to test out different techniques on plant materials and to create different aesthetic expression.

Photo: Siv Engen Heimdahl



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