Experimental expressions with plant materials has been on a trip to Malmö and Copenhagen.

Five days filled with impressions that we hope will be transferred to personal expressions in the tasks to come.

Input on Art

The Moderna museet in Malmö had an exciting exhibition of Ulf Rollof that gave many ideas for how to exhibit also in our works, the use of space and light, and all the different materials, also botanical was inspiring. 


Ulf Rollof is an exciting artist that works very freely with all kind of materials and techniques. Many of his objects was connected to an experience he had when he came to Mexico after an earth quake. The name of the exhibition was “Urgent». The Life boat is a technical installation in three parts, on the wall, you see a lot of small boats made of wax, black-berries, latex and cotton. In the middle is a Refrigeration Coat, it s a wearable mechanical cooling system, an opportunity for insulation and isolation.

In Charlottenborg art hall in Copenhagen they showed the needs to participate and interact as an observer of The Tree for peace wishes made my Yoko Ono, but also the exhibition of Ovartaci & the art of madness gave many “crazy” ideas. 


Yoko Ono’s exhibition «Transmisson» was with objects from a long period of time, and most of it connected to the idea of making peace. The right picture shows the peace- tree where the visitors should write their wishes and hang it on the tree.


Overatci and the Art of Madness was an exhibition that overwelms you with feelings and many bad experiences. All the works was produced during the 56 years that he spent at Risskov Psychiatric Hospital. The way the objects and the paintings were exhibited was very interesting and inspiring.

Input on possibilities with the use of light: both in the exhibitions, in the cities and the way Hotel Pro Forma does it with their performance theater. We had a lecture with two specialists, Johan Moritz and Bertil Göransson, and after dark we had a city-walk to see it in real.


One example of the lightening for Christmas in Malmö and the art – Installation called the wind.

Input on Performances and the use of the scene: The visit in Hotel Pro Forma`s working place in Copenhagen is the top of excitement. What they do with their scene, and how they build up the theater-set is amazing but can be transformed to our use in many ways.


Kirsten Delholm is the director of Hotel Pro Forma, and she takes us through a lot of the productions of this performance theater. The theater is performing all over the world and have been doing so in many years. It is impossible to explain what they are doing but it is great. Interested? Take a look at their homepage and some of the trailers for their productions. www.hotelproforma.dk

Bente (student at Vea) took responsibility and reacted on the way this hotel behaves to show up their employees, and it nearly became a performance with the colors and the setting.

Some guiding in the possibilities to be a part of and guide a group working creatively: with Lars Cederholm, who is professional in this, we had an exciting day. Not a lecture but in a way trying out to be part of a group and testing our own limits and behavior. 

Ingvar Strandhs Blomsterskola

A short trip to Ingvar Strandhs Blomsterskola (or the rest of it) to get some inspiration on making a good atmosphere, and presenting the home works.

All this should be a good base for the next home tasks: “Rock it”. In that task the students will have to guide a group in the creative process of making an exhibition based on the post-modern aesthetics and a “unknown” handicraft.

Text: Runi Kristoffersen

Photo: Runi Kristoffersen and Siv Engen Heimdahl

Oppdatert 18.12.2017