Experimental expressions with plant materials

An international vocational college program with a focus on plant materials and its aesthetic and technical possibilities.

The college program Experimental expressions with plant materials has focus on experimental expressions with plant materials and on its aesthetic and technical possibilities. This study is an international vocational college program.  This name is used in Europe in connection with the tradition of floristry, but in this case the meaning is much more open, first of all to experimentation with all kind of botanical materials.

Target groups: Craftsmen, florists, designers and aestheticians

Duration: A session-based study over the course of one year

Objective: For various craftsmen, designers, and aestheticians to continue their education through the experimentation of plant materials.
Title: Technician – Experimental expressions 

Tuition fee: NOK 9 000,– (expenses for field trips may apply)

Apply here: Application form

Start of studies: 13th of August 2018

The programme is approved by Lånekassen (the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund).

The student will develop further as a professional/craftsman/artisan through:

  • Taking part in an international learning environment with an international perspective on craftwork, work tools and implements, design, etc.
  • Working creatively with plant materials.
  • Experimenting with plant materials in combination with other materials.
  • Gaining more knowledge about nature’s possibilities.
  • Gaining new knowledge about plant materials and their properties.
  • Using plant material as a means of creating experiences.
  • Experimenting with techniques and implements connected to plant materials.
  • Seeing new professional development possibilities and combinations.
  • Gaining new professional experiences that can be used for training purposes or for use in carrying on a trade.
  • Developing various types of concepts connected with plant materials.
  • Working together with practice professionals from other cultures and with other craft traditions.
  • Participating and leading in creative projects.

Experimental expressions with plant materials is suitable for those who wish to combine work and studies. 

For more information, please contact: hildegunn.aas@vea-fs.no


Apply here: Application form

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