Art and design

For the students at Experimental floral design, the fourth gathering was arranged in Malmö at Ingvar Strands Blomsterskola.

For the fourth gathering we were supposed to bring one design piece and one art piece. Both had to relate somehow to plantmaterial.

In this home task we had to concentrate to design as a prosess from beginning to prototype. Design consept outcomes were very different from one person to another. We saw necklace, ply wood stative for cut flowers, urn for ashes and lamp made from star-tipped reindeer lichen (Cladina stellaris) among others.


Mathildes candle jar cover made of hamp.                                           Detail of Valgerdur’s Aurora borealis lamp

All the design pieces showed a lot of creativity, new techniques and use of plant material

Tarmo’s ply wood stative for cut flowers

In art consept part we were supposed to express for example some feeling or statement. Art pieces leaded us to different reactions. Some took us to tears, some made us laugh but most important was that all of them made us to think.

Students taking look at Tarmo’s work

Text: Valgerdur Gudjónsdóttir and Minna Uusi-Simola

Photo: Minna Uusi-Simola


Oppdatert 13.11.2017