Inspiring and creative days for the students

Our students at the study “Experimental expressions with plant materials” had some interesting days with our earlier student and artist Hanne Frey Husø. She was sharing her knowledge in the use of flax and linden/basswood in her production.


The first day we learned how to make our own thread – a botanic flax yarn. We started by loosening the fibers from the axis. We used a hammer, rubbed and hit the flax to a plank. 


Flax was knocked, carded and spun to a botanic wire on a hand pot. 


The second day we were going to make paper. The best is to use branches from the tree linden that was about 7 years old. To separate the fibers from the bark they should be lying in water for a long time for rotting.


Bark and fibers were loosened from the branches of the linden. The bark and fibers was soaked and blurred before the fibers were loosening from the bark.


Then the linden was well carded before the students could make their own paper. 


Linden (and flax) were laid thinly in the paper frame before it was pressed and dried to beautiful transparent surfaces.


A consuming time and interesting work who has a lot of possibilities. With new knowledge of an old craft technique and use of botanical materials, the rest is up to our students. What can they do with this knowledge in their experimentation and expressions further on? Time will show. 

About Hanne

Hanne Frey Husø is a visual artist working with animation, puppets and handmade paperwhich she combines into installations. She has a Master from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, department of Textiles, as well as animation studies, studies at the University of Oslo in Informatics and Comparative Literature with an emphasis on literature and technology and Book History. She has had several exhibitions in Norway with media installations in a greater scale focusing on themes related to the archive. She has participated in group exhibitions in Norway and abroad.

Artist Statement

I work in a variety of fields; handmade paper, puppets, artist’ books, book printing, printmaking, drawing - and I ultimately combine these techniques into animations, with props and scenery made of paper. As an animator it’s an advantage to know a little about a lot. I have gone into depths on handmade paper - and focus on book history and writing technologies. I’m fascinated by how nature has given us such a great writing medium as cellulose which we find in all plants. Learning and investigating how to extract cellulose from trees and plant stems - and in the end, see how the fiber of the botanical material feels and looks like is an ongoing search for me - as well as transforming this experience in to philosophical films.

Film from 2014, «De øverste etasjer»: https://vimeo.com/122955565

Hannes homepage: http://www.freyhaus.no/index.html

Text and photo: Siv Engen Heimdahl

Oppdatert 13.02.2018