International workshop for Vea-students in Milano

For the 4th year we arrange a Soft Land Art workshop for students from Experimental floral design and students and florists from this school.

Back in this beautiful garden of Fondazione Minoprio www.fondazioneminoprio.it, north of Milano in Italy. 

The possibilities of this park is huge, and one and a half day is much too short, but we got some nice results.


A nice continuation of what was already there, but in a more beautiful way.


A human made Tulip in the rooms of the beautiful trees, and one surprise close to other functional elements.


The Hedera was put together in a very nice way without anything else that the stems of the leaves. Later the flowers was edit and the line became a snake in the fountain.

A butterfly and some human made flowers was put in the Sophora to make it more visible.


Under a huge Magnolia there was a line with stems and flowers to lead the people to the room.

A decorative floristic circle was put in a dark area were it could make people curios.

One of the teachers that has been with us on the workshop last year had made a nice bowl out of soil, and some participants continued the work.

To work with light and shadow is very complicated to photograph, but exciting.


A more sculptural shape between the huge trees.


A triangle out of magnolia flowers on their way to die, is very beautiful.

A workshop with Soft Land Art has many possibilities, and one positive result can also be a new friendship.

Thanks for this time. Hope to see you all again.


Photo: Siv Engen Heimdahl
Text : Runi Kristoffersen

Oppdatert 13.11.2017