Soft LandArt by Experimental Floral Design in Italy

Our students at Experimental Floral Design are in Italy these days, working with soft LandArt together with Italian florists at Fendazione Minoprio. The teachers, Runi and Siv, gives you the story and pictures from this experience:
Eleven sights are made in the park, some massive and dominating their place, some like an accent to the landscape, others more play full and poetic or meditative.

A small accent with a line made of magnolia leaves in a dead grass-plant gives a formal expression but also some thoughts about the circle of life.


The horizontal spiral pressed in between the regularly placed trees gives a good contrast, but also an idea about the annual rings of the tree. How old can it be?


The pergola has got a perspective made carpet and a circle of grass as a viewpoint out to the nature, it points out the direction of meaning, were to look, what is important? 


Colorful filling of the broken lines in the ground.


Two cone-shapes giving impressions of a ball play 

......and, what animal, organism or insect is coming down from the tree to swim in the fountain.

Poetic and meditative is the feeling you get when you look into an area of big trees, the ground covered with Hedera and a hammock made of Salix, take a break and enjoy nature! 
Another place some Camelia flowers in a water basin and bunches of dead stems with the top covered with Camelia leads us into a quiet dark “room” were the flowers is lightning up the darkness and shows their beauty even in a dying process.

Beautiful ornamental circles made of magnolia fruits and Liquidamber seed balls cover an area on the green grass and puts your mind into a state of earlier floor decorations, mosaic or a carpet?

The young boys from Minoprio worked very hard to make a big tippi were it is easy to see their strong feeling for the materials. Inside the tippi is a jing-jang symbol, and the boys tell us that their thoughts is about the un balance between man and nature and how the ancient cultures always were in harmony with nature.

Like a left-ower or a forgotten memory lays an unclear shape of Humulus on the lawn, it makes you wonder; who made it, man or nature?
Is it forgotten or placed?
A good surprise for a visitor – use your imagination – always.

Thanks for many good experiences!  Siv and Runi  

Text and photo: Siv Engen Heimdahl and Runi Kristoffersen
Oppdatert 01.10.2015