Students from Vea visiting flowershops in Copenhagen

Experimental Floral Design has been to Malmø on a studytrip. We went to Copenhagen one day and visited Hotel Pro Forma, Erik Buch and Tage Andersen. Erik Buch have a shop at Amager, close to Hotel Pro Forma, inside a large antique shop, "Green Square". Tage Andersens shop is in the center of Copenhagen, near to Kongens Nytorv. 

As we enter into Tage Andersens shop, we are met by two colorful birds singing and light baroque music. And Baroque it is. New floral objects keep popping up in the details – one can walk around there for weeks, and still see something you haven’t yet noticed. Tage Andersen has created a beautiful world of baroque floristry - and I believe no one can leave the place untouched, noe matter if it’s not to one’s taste. I have never seen a place like this before - and I’ll never forget it.



We also visited Erik Buck who has decorated the royal wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mary Donaldson. A beautiful florist’s shop with a nice atmosphere.


Text: Hanne Frey Husø

Photo: Kari Rudi

Oppdatert 13.11.2017