Students from Vea visiting Ingvar Strandhs blomsterskola, Malmø

We, students at Experimantal floral design, were going to the fourth gathering at Ingvar Strandhs Blomsterskola in November 2015.

WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!! We took the bus to Ingvar Strandhs Blomsterskola without any ideas of how the school looked like. A beautiful yellow building in jugend style with a wonderful garden around met us. The house was build in 1915-1920. Ingvar and Bittan Strandh restored the building and the school was established in 1979.

When we opened the door and stepped into the schoolbuilding we came straight into Carl Larssons world. Every walls, every ceilings, every place where its possible to decorate, it was decorated! Beautiful paintings in art Nouveau,beautiful chandeliers in every room and beautiful furnitures in several styles all over. There where fresh flowers in every room.




So lucky to come to such a wonderful place.

But, all things have an end……


This was the last week at school. The school will be closed and Ingvar and Bittan are going to sell the building. The government will not support private schools any longer, and it is time for  the owners to retire.

We are so grateful  that we could have this gathering at this school. Thank you for everything! 

Text and photo: Toril Aas, Mathilde O. Algarheim og Anne Weiby


Oppdatert 30.11.2015