My year at Vea, written by Julie Flem

Being a pupil at Vea this year has been such an experience and I’ve learned so much. It has really been an adventure I’ll never forget.  

First off I have to say that I was scared of moving so far away from home. When I first got here I had goosebumps and was both extremely nervous and excited for the first day of school. If it hadn’t been for my two fellow classmates which I’ve spent the whole school year living with now, the first couple of weeks would have been rough. Because of them, I felt safe and we could lean on each other Instead of being insecure and alone, both at school and after school during our free-time.

The first couple of months I found the weekends to be kind of difficult. It was a new experience for me not being able to hang out with my old friends at home and miss events I wanted to join. After a while I got used to it and we started to “explore” other places, not just Moelv. We have visited Hamar, Gjøvik and Lillehammer some times, and even Oslo with the whole class! I feel like I know my surroundings better now as the end of the school year is coming up which is nice when I may want to visit in the future. It’s been wonderful to visit these towns especially since my classmates and teachers are familiar with the places and can show me around. 

Of course, Vea is the greatest place of all! The wonderful library, workrooms, classrooms, fitness room and “peisestua” with the awesome pool table has been an honor to be able to use freely. Since we were handed out one key each, we have access to almost all of the facilities 24/7! Even though we stay at Vea most weekends, you don’t feel trapped here since there is so much to do. It´s nice having the opportunity to practice floristry in our free-time so we can learn as much as possible and take advantage of the year we have here.


The best thing about Vea has to be the outdoor area. It is so big and has so much greenery and flowers all year around! Even in the wintertime we go outside to pick berries, spruce, pine and such. I believe it is a good a good thing to keep in mind that we can use the plants in our surroundings, not just roses ordered from Africa. This way you become even more creative and innovative. I´m very happy that Vea teaches the pupils to use our surroundings for what it´s worth! I believe this is good for the industry’s future since we are not the ones making the big bucks.

What I really like about the teachers and all the other people working at Vea is how passionate they are! Everywhere I go there’s always people smiling and laughing happily doing their job. It seems like this is a part of their life, not just a workplace. This makes it even better to be a pupil at Vea when you are surrounded by all these great and helpful people! Whenever I’ve had a problem with something there’s always been people who can help me which is a big relief.

I will also forever remember my class. Though we are only five pupils (including me) we work well together and have a good learning environment. Since we are so few, we’ve become more like a family with our main teacher Aina as our mother! She is amazing like all the other teachers and is extremely kind-hearted and caring. When we are sick, she calls to ensure that we are okay and will happily get some painkillers, Repsils or whatever we may need. She is really one of a kind teacher that I will never forget! 

I will certainly not forget the highlight of this year either, the flower show we arranged in Hamar Kulturhus! The whole school worked incredibly hard together to make this huge project possible. Each student made one bridal work for the show, plus some of us made table arrangements. Others made different interesting flower works wearable on the body. This was a great opportunity for the students at Vea to show what they are able to make. It was also a great opportunity to show the audience what this industry can be, not just a rose bouquet! We even showed up in the news! I felt like I gave an effort to share our world to the “regular” peoples lack of knowledge. We all gave our best and that´s why it became such a great show. I will definitely bring this experience with me for my upcoming work years.



I’m extremely grateful for being able to study at Vea and meeting all these lovely flower-people. I will remember this year as a time I grew as a person and developed my skills in floristry. Hopefully I will come back to Vea one beautiful day! However, this place will stay in my heart forever.

Written by pupil Julie Flem at Vea 2017-2018, VG2 floristry class.

Oppdatert 02.07.2018