My year at Vea

Nadja Otervik is one of the pupils in the floristryclass at Vea. This is her story about her school year at Vea.

The ice that laid at Mjøsa has melted. The snow that laid like a blanket over Moelv is gone. The bees have come back. Mjøsa is warm enough to bathe in for hours. The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming like crazy, both wild and in care by Vea and the temperature is rising with the winds drifting from Africa. The year at Vea is soon over, a beautiful adventure.

The day I arrived at Vea with my parents at the move in day we met an ocean of flowers. I understood at that moment that this would be a good year. I met many wonderful people; my class, my teachers, at my internship at Blomsterstua, and other students at Vea.

The school has bicycles that the student can borrow. We have used them a lot to go to Moelv for food and for other trips around the area. We have a boathouse with a boat that we have used a lot on the warmer days, and it is nice to take a bath by the boathouse as well. Many good memories have been made on the bicycle rides, boat trips and swimming sessions.

Vea is situated by the lake Mjøsa, and the students can use the boat whenever they like.

We have a key card and a little keyset that allows us to enter the school on the weekends and after closing time. It has been very nice to go to the library for both study, read and just chill out in the free time. I have also spent time in the classroom at the barn to work with flowers.

Vea has a big outdoor space I have loved to use through the schoolyear. Mostly in the summer though, it is beautiful to just walk around at Vea. So many flowers, trees and beautiful view over Mjøsa.

I have developed so much this year, both as a florist and person. Vea has this good influence on you as a person and the school really challenge you in your field of study, I really like that. I am really going to miss Vea and all the school has to offer, the people here as well.


Somestimes we went to Moelv for food.                                                     From the first day at school in August 2017, and the first meeting with my new classmates,

Text:Nadja Otervik

Photo: Cicilie M. Rønning/Dorte Finstad

Oppdatert 02.07.2018