«Woods and The Sea» 

All former students at Experimental expressions with plant materials (EX) are invited back to Vea for a four-days reunion, from luch to lunch, on the 9th to the 12th of October 2023.

The teachers will be Runi Kristoffersen and Siv Engen Heimdahl – your former teachers at EX. With these two creative souls, there will certainly be several inspiring activities involving materials from nature, together with a large doze of passion for experimental processes.
In addition, an artist will be involved to give extra inspiration within a certain field or topic.
The topic «Woods and The Sea» reflects the materials – but the rest, of course, is a surprise:-).

More information about the program will be published in August 2023. 

The complete price for the event is 3700 NOK.
This includes:
Participation fee: 1750 NOK (obligatory)
Accommodation per night: 450 NOK = 1350 NOK from Monday to Thursday (optional)
Price per lunch: 60 NOK = 240 NOK from Monday to Thursday (optional)
Price per dinner: 120 NOK = 360 NOK from Monday to Wednesday (optional)

Minimum number of participants are 15.

We need to know how many of you who want to participate in this event – so please sign up as soon as possible here: https://en.kursguiden.no/coursemodule/?id=464&idCourse=74106&idInstance=12854552&show=leadform&size=narrow

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