Board and lodging 

Vea offer lodging for part-time students.

When you become a student, you can ask for board and lodging at Vea. Then you will have a room for the gatherings you are going to stay at Vea.

Rates for rental of lodgings at Vea

These costs apply for 2022/2023

Rent on daily basis:

  • Room for students NOK 300,- (Room with duvet, pillow, bedlinen and towel )

When you stay at Vea, you get access to washing machines in the buildings. «The old dormitory» and «the Kitchen building» also have saunas. If you have entered into a rental contract with Vea, you will get to stay at Vea during your sessions. Details concerning lease are stated in the lease contract, which is signed at the start of the first semester.

The bedsit will be available from 16.00 arrival day until 08.00 departure day.

Please post all inquiries concerning bedsits to