My shop, my school and me as an artist. It gives me power!

Monika from Poland studied “Experimental expressions with plant materials” at Vea in 2014/2015. We asked her about what this education has meant for her.

What lead you to choose the education «Experimental expressions with plant materials (EX)» at Vea in Norway?

I heard about it from my friend. Once I conducted Landart, and there I met some people who knew Runi (teacher at EX). I thought Vea was the right school and EX the right study! And I was right!!

How was the study organized?

It has been very useful years!

Elin Susann Havreberg has studied “Experimental expressions with plant materials” at Norges grønne fagskole – Vea. In March 2019 she will take part in the World championship in floristry.

What led you to choose the education «Experimental expressions with plant materials»(EX) at Vea in Norway?

It was an «accident» because I had applied for the study “Botanical design” at Vea, but there were too few persons who had applied, so the class couldn’t start that year. Hildegunn at Vea recommended to combine the studies «Experimental expressions with plant materials» and «Master Craftsman’s Certificate” (marketing, economics and leadership).

Apply and join the EX. Go to Vea and be open minded!!

Says Minna, who is a teacher in floristry in Finland. Minna had both a professional and personal development through the vocational education program at Norges grønne fagskole – Vea in Norway.

  • Name: Minna Uusi-Simola
  • Study program:  Experimental expressions with plant materials
  • Age: 44
  • From: Finland
  • Background:Teacher in Floristry, having her daily work in Rajamäki, 50 km from Helsinki to Tampere direction.

What led you to choose the education «Experimental expressions with plant materials» at Vea in Norway?

I was interested in getting new views about how to work with alternative botanical materials, and for my own professional development.…

Experimental expressions with plant materials

Target groups: The education is for various craftsmen, florists, designers, artists and teachers working with arts and crafts who want to continue their lifelong education through the experimentation of plant materials.

Level: Tertiary vocational education (NKR 5.1/EQF 5)

Number of credit points: 30 vocational credit points

Full time/part time: Part-time for one year

Number of sessions/gatherings: 7 sessions over 1 – 2 weeks

Start of studies: 13th of August 2018

Place of study: Norges grønne fagskole – Vea, Turistveien 92, 2390 Moelv, Norway.…