About Vea

Vea is a tertiary vocational college for landscaper technicians, gardeners, horticulturists, florists and other professionals in the green sector. Vea also provides education for artists, artisans and designers who wants to postgraduate.

Vea is a tertiary vocational college in Norway, recognized by NOKUT, which is the controlling authority for quality in education. Veas discipline area is green design and environmental subjects, all oriented towards a specific vocation providing a competence that is directly transferable in occupational life.

Vea offers education on two levels

Secondary (level 4) and tertiary level (level 5).…

Board and lodging

When you become a student, you can ask for board and lodging at Vea. Then you will have a room for the gatherings you are going to stay at Vea.

Rates for rental of lodgings at Vea

These costs apply for 2020/2021

Rent on daily basis:

  • Room for students NOK 300,- (Room with duvet, pillow, bedlinen and towel )
  • Room for students NOK 350,- (Room with duvet, pillow, bedlinen and towel, includes lunch and dinner )

When you stay at Vea, you get access to washing machines in the buildings.

My year at Vea

The ice that laid at Mjøsa has melted. The snow that laid like a blanket over Moelv is gone. The bees have come back. Mjøsa is warm enough to bathe in for hours. The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming like crazy, both wild and in care by Vea and the temperature is rising with the winds drifting from Africa. The year at Vea is soon over, a beautiful adventure.

The day I arrived at Vea with my parents at the move in day we met an ocean of flowers.…