Join the webinar «Trained Fruit in Historic Kitchen Gardens» 

Whether it be traditional soil management or care of trained fruit, there is something for anyone who is interested in or has responsibility for a heritage garden or designed landscape. The Craft Skills for Garden Conservation project is an Erasmus+ (European Union) funded initiative that has been created by a consortium of European gardens and colleges with the aim of providing transnational training across a range of traditional garden conservation methods and approaches.

A series of online webinars introduce each topic. Each webinar is free to attend and involves a range of expert speakers from across the consortium. Hands-on workshops will follow in the UK, Sweden, Germany and project leaders Norway. The first UK-based workshop focuses on trained fruit and the UK team are keen to find a suitable location for the workshop. If you have or know of a garden with trained fruit, ideally a range of fruit types and ages, and would be willing to let a team of around 15 horticulturists loose on them for a couple of days in early September 2022, we would like to hear from you! The fruit need not be perfect – in fact, neglected forms would be very welcome.


Susann Campbell
Andy Lewis, The Newt, Somerset
Hilary Theaker, Hampton Court
Ceridwen Davies, Dyffryn
Herve Mauclere, Yvette Vallée
– and more.


– The importance of wall fruit in the history of kitchen gardens
– Exploiting microclimates for a wide range of fruit: how a new design utilises historic knowledge to react to affects of climate change
– Fruit growing as an art form
– Walls, wires, tags and trellises
– Choice of cultivars and rootstocks. Pruning Lorette v. modified Lorette
– Indoor trained fruit: peaches, grapes and figs
– Fruit growing in Community settings: training people to train fruit

Time for the online Webinar:
15.03.2022 from 09:00 – 16:00 (Timezone GMT+0:00)
– with a two hour-break from 12:15 to 14:15
Please pay attention to the timezone:

Scandinavian and German time: 10:00 – 17:00
Russian time: 12:00 – 19:00



If you would like to chat about a garden or other managed space with trained fruit that might be available to host a workshop, please contact

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