Students exchange Erasmus+

Students exchange with Erasmus+ from the Netherlands to Norway 

For four weeks we have hosted two students from one of our partner schools in the Netherlands.

Mendy Kerkdijk and Ylva Vetker are both pupils in a floristry class at Groene Welle in Zwolle. With support from the Erasmus+ they have stayed in Norway for four weeks. They have followed lessons at „Norges grønne fagskole – Vea“ and been practising floristry in a flower shop in Moelv. I wanted to know more about their stay in Norway, and met them for a talk one of the last days at Vea.

What are your impressions? What did you like here?

We were a little bit nervous before we came here. We could choose a country, but we didn’t want to go to Norway, because we thought we wouldn’t like it. When we came here it was „oh my gosh” so beautiful! It is very nice here. The students were very kind to us. They met us the day we arrived, and they have helped us a lot. The school is very well organised. We have learned a lot about new techniques for floristry. Here we can pick a lot of materials outside, and we learn about what is growing in Norway and how to use it. In our school we must take flowers from wholesalers. It is very nice to see all the products in exhibitions. We have got a lot of inspiration.

What have you been doing during your stay in Norway?

The first week we followed the lessons in the floristry class at Vea. We have learnt to make floristry jewelry. We also went together with them to Oslo. There we saw a lot of different flower shops. We also went to the Botanical garden and Vigeland sculpture park.

You have also been practising in a flower shop?

For two weeks we worked in a flower shop called “Martinsen blomster” in Moelv. We learned to make a lot of works for funerals. We had learned the basic in school, but here we could practise and make bigger floristry works. We have more experience and work faster. We were also one day working with Marianne Leren, she is a freelancer and it was interesting to see how she is doing. We decorated for a big conference. We made floristry for the entrance, stage and decorated gifts.


We lived in a house at the school, mostly alone. The house was big and we had everything we needed. The view is very nice. It was also a very good price with everything included. We liked the food very much.

It was about three kilometres from Vea to Moelv. We borrowed bicycles at Vea. That made it easy for us to travel. It was close to everything.

And what did not you like?

Nothing! Everything has been very nice!

How did you spend your leisure time?

We didn’t have any program for the weekends, so we were free to do whatever we would like. We went to Hamar, Lillehammer and Moelv. The school is situated nearby the biggest lake in Norway, Mjøsa. The school has a row-boat there. We used the boat and rowed almost to the bridge.

What did you learn about Norway?

We have seen different churches, because we followed the florist decorating for the funerals. We have also been in a wedding in a very old beautiful church. The nature is also very beautiful.

Do you want to say something to others who would like to go abroad supported by the Erasmus+ program?

They must do it! We have learned a lot. You can see the differences between the countries. I was afraid that my English wasn’t good enough, but I made it. We can understand each other, although it isn’t perfect. We laugh when we say something wrong. I was not afraid of speaking.

Don’t be afraid to take the step. Use your opportunity to have new experiences with the Erasmus+ program.

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Students exchange Erasmus+
Students exchange Erasmus+