Students mobility from Slovakia 

Three pupils from Secondary Vocational School Pruské, Slovakia, spent three weeks at Vea, in Norway, in the frame of Exchange Mobility Erasmus+.

They are 16 years old and study the same field – floristry and horticulture. They answered a few questions about their stay in Norway.

Dominika, Stefan and Erika, what are your impressions? What did you like here?

We enjoyed Floristry lessons very much. We liked a big school area. The accomodation was very good, too. We did not wait such a good equipped house. The food was also good and healthy – mainly salads and cheese were delicious. We liked work in the greenhouse and library, too.

And what did not you like?

We missed only warm soups which we eat every day at home. The prices in shops are „interesting“ for us.

How did you spend your leisure time?

We weren´t bored at all. We went to the billiard room, gym, for a walk, on bike ride or we played chess. We visited Oslo and Lillestrom exhibition. We were in museums and in the centre of Lillehammer with Mrs. Eli Bentzen.

What are benefits of the exchange stay for you?

We have learned new styles and techniques in flower arranging. We have learned new types of plants. We used our English in comunnications with foreigners for the first time. We know new people and culture – many things are different, but we have many things in common. All in all, we were feeling very good all time in your country.

The Slovakian pupils took part in practical lessons in gardening and work in the greenhouse. Most of the time they had practical lessons with the floristryclass. They also took part in englishlessons and physical lessons.

The Slovakian pupils used the library at Vea for inspiration. They held an excellent presentation about Slovakia and their school for both students and employees at Vea.

Photo: The pupils Stefan, Erika and Dominika together with Dorte (International coordinator at Vea) and Tomas (English teacher at Stredná odborná škola Pruské).

Photo: Per Spangen

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