Vea is a tertiary vocational college for landscaper technicians, gardeners, horticulturists, florists and other professionals in the green sector. Vea also provides education for artists, artisans and designers who wants to postgraduate.

Vea is a tertiary vocational college in Norway, recognized by NOKUT, which is the controlling authority for quality in education. Veas discipline area is green design and environmental subjects, all oriented towards a specific vocation providing a competence that is directly transferable in occupational life.

Vea offers education on two levels

Secondary (level 4) and tertiary level (level 5). All of them as part time education combined with web based distance learning solutions.

Vea vocational school has several unique educations on level 5 such as;

Landscaper technician, Green space management and Garden design, Local overwater disposal and Management of historical gardens.

On the same level Vea provides education for Botanical design and Experimental expressions with plant materials.

Vea vocational school also provides an education where focus is on the importance of health benefits using outdoor environments as an active part in restoration and well beeing.

The teachers at Vea – green vocational school of Norway (Norges grønne fagskole – Vea) have high competance within areas such as landscaping and maintenance, gardening, garden design and floristry.

They are also experienced within the field of pedagogy, art history and vocational didactics level 7.