Installasjon av søppel

Rubbish picked up from the water channels of Malmø 

Lino Petersson got an invitation from the commune of Malmø city to make sculptures of the rubbish that they took up from the channels.

Flor Lysgaard was invited by Lino to work together to make the two sculptures that later was placed out in the city to make people aware of the problem and enjoy the nice result. Lino Petersson was a student on the first Experimental expressions with plant materials EX at Vea in 2012-13. Organic installations, landart and lamps made of plant materials has been what Lino have made the last years, so this is a different challenge.

The two sculptures were playfully made and at the same time gave you some clear thoughts about what you should not do! The commune had picked up 2 tons of rubbish in the channels and by the beach and wanted people to see for them self’s and think about what water problems the world has.

The two sculptures were colorful on top and dark and scary on the bottom, a good way to get people first to have a smile and laugh, and later get thoughts about the problem. To catch people with a smile is much better than to give them a bad feeling at first sight.

Text: Runi Kristoffersen
Photo: Johan Bävman