Experimental expressions with plant materials

What an exciting week at Vea! 

The students at "Experimental expressions with plant materials" had a very interesting garthering at Vea in week 48

Because of the covid-19, they were the only students at Vea this week. But we had a great time with two guest teachers, Kathrine Berg lectured about light design and Fernanda Branco www.fernandabranco.com  about the art of performance, and a travel to Lillehammer and Fåberg to see art and design.

Light and shadow

The gathering started on Tuesday, with a lot of plants that had to be taken away from the greenhouse, a really good treasure, that gave interesting possibilities. The stems, the leaves, the roots were so characteristic, and the works were built on different moods. The idea was to have these works for test out possible lighting in the exhibition room, and that started already this afternoon. The next day Kathrine Berg arrived and gave a lesson on many more possibilities. She also brought a lot of things to use for testing out. Everyone started to test and was guided by Kathrine in a good and professional way. Great possibilities opened, not only with the light, but also with the shadows.

Trying out light and shadows with different colours. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen
Marit are working with plantmaterials to express different moods. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen
Anita are working with plantmaterials to express different moods. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen
By lighting this work this way, the shadow gets as important as the work
Trying out light and shadows with different colours. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen

Art of performance

After lunch Fernanda Branco arrrived. She has a PDH (post doctor) employment at KHIO (the art school of Oslo, Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo) in performance and came to give us an understanding of the art of performance. Since she is also educated as a gardener, she was the right person to give us thoughts about how to use plant materials integrated in the performance.

It all started with a kind of a group performance that she was leading us into, closely connected to the plant materials we had chosen. This way of getting to know the plant by feeling it with all our scenes was a good way for everybody, and different from what we are used to by mainly looking at the plant. The movement of our bodies were also closely connected to the understanding of the plant.

After this each one had to prepare for a performance the next day. An interesting experience for everybody, and a good conversation with Fernanda afterwards.

Bente is trying out how to do a performance, while Fernanda is watching in the backgroud. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen
Anita got a deep understanding of Araucaria and now she is performing with it. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen
Marit is getting closer to feel her different plant materials in the first performing lecture. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen

Art in Lillehammer

Thursday afternoon we all went to Lillehammer to see the exhibition on Oppland kunstnersenter www.kunstopp.no where Kai Bratbergsengen (my husband) had a separate exhibition. A poetic exhibition with drawings, sculptures, and poetry.

In the other parts of the gallery more than 100 artists from this area had a Christmas exhibition. A lot of inspiration to pick up.

The exhibition "Je skreiv"/ "I wrote" in the glassbox and in front is a poetic exhibition by Kai Bratbergsengen. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen
The exhibition "Je skreiv"/ "I wrote" in the glassbox and in front is a poetic exhibition by Kai Bratbergsengen. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen

Ment at Fåberg

From Lillehammer a short drive to Fåberg to Ment, www.ment.no  a local company that makes porcelain design. Sidsel Forr Hemma who is one of the two founders took us to see the production and told us about the ideas, their concept. A concept that was focused on the environmental and sustainability that is so needed today. Everything was made in a high-quality way to give it a long life and to not be a part of the “use and throw” mentality.

The front of the showrooms at Ment in Fåberg reminds of Mondrians pictures, but with other colours. Inside is the exhibition in Christmas mood.. Photo: Runi Kristoffersen

A week full of inspiration and a very good mood.

Thanks also to the kitchen that gave us very good food for lunch and dinner!

Text and photo: Runi Kristoffersen

Kontakt oss

Birgit Giskås tok i juni 2022 eksamen ved Norges grønne fagskole – Vea, på fagskolestudiet Eksperimentelle uttrykk med plantematerialer.
Studentene på fagskoleutdanningen «Experimental expressions with plant materials» gjennomfører en av samlingene i Italia. Faglærer Runi Kristoffersen tar oss med til Liguria i Italia.
Kunstfotograf Marit Silsand, ønsket å bruke mer tid på det taktile. Være i naturen, oppleve levende vekster, forme med hendene og ordentlig kjenne etter hvilke materialer naturen kan tilby. Ønsket ble oppfylt gjennom fagskoleutdanningen «Experimental expressions with plant materials», ved Norges grønne fagskole – Vea.
Marit Silsand, a student at Experimental expressions with plant materials, opened an exhibition in Tønsberg town in connection to the 1150 years jubilee of the city
Ingunn Johanne Hansens vevde bjørkeskulpturer var utstilt på Norsk skogmuseum på Elverum sommeren 2021.
Lino Petersson got an invitation from the commune of Malmø city to make sculptures of the rubbish that they took up from the channels.
Et tidligere årlig arrangement er på plass igjen etter noen års pause. I år var tema: Land-art under overskriften Biodiversitet.
Don’t think for a second if you want to change your life, vision, creative ideas and make a total upgrade!
Nå driver hun «Kransen» og tilbyr botaniske arbeider, kurs og dekoreringsoppdrag med naturmaterialer.
Vea tilbyr denne fagskoleutdanningen hvert andre år, og høsten 2022 starter vi med et nytt kull. Runi Kristoffersen og Siv Engen Heimdahl er de som underviser mest på denne samlingsbaserte utdanningen.
«Det handler om å bruke naturen i skolen, ta i bruk det som er rundt oss, som er nært og gratis, som kan skape sterkere bånd til miljø og natur!»
Karianne Storvik var sulten på å utvikle seg videre etter å ha tatt fagbrev som blomsterdekoratør, og har tatt to fagskoleutdanninger ved Norges grønne fagskole – Vea.