Inna Petrenco

Inna was a student at Experimental expressions with plant materials 

Don't think for a second if you want to change your life, vision, creative ideas and make a total upgrade!
  • Name: Inna Petrenko
  • Class: Experimental expressions with plant materials (EX) 2018/2019
  • Age:43
  • Coming from: Hostomel, Ukraina
  • Background: Florist
  • Place of work: Master Form-arta flowerlab education

What led you to choose the education «Experimental expressions with plant materials (EX) » at Vea in Norway?

I heard about this course. And it was recommended by Runi.

How was the study organized?

There were parttime lessons at Vea, gatherings at Vea, Malmø/Copenhagen and in Italy. We worked with different kind of tasks. Everything was great in every place. Free access to classrooms, labs and libraries was especially important. And bicycles are cool

How was the class? 

Our class was extraordinary. It was interesting to watch everyone’s growth and skills. It was very funny, friendly and most importantly fun

What has this education meant for you?

This is the time that changed me forever. A place where I felt and revealed my extraordinary and creative power. Tools and knowledge that made it possible to look at the profession from a different angle. Це час що змінив мене назавжди. Місце де я відчула і розкрила свою надзвичайну і творчу силу. Інструменти і знання  , що дали змогу подивитися на професію під іншим кутом

In what way is it useful for you, as a florist? 

Now I look at floristry as a holistic picture and part of contemporary art. A florist as a participant in a party, as a journalist, as an actor, as a sculptor, as a blogger … anything through the prism of colors with ease.  Тепер я дивлюся на флористику як на цілісну картину і частину сучасного мистецтва. Флорист як удожник, як журналіст, як актор, як скульптор, як блогер…що завгодно через призму квітів з легкістю .

What are you doing now?

I am currently organizing a floral education project. A great result of this course was the Mono project, and another successful performance at the championship in China


Participant and finalist World championship of flower Art Contest 2019, Beijing Expo 2019, China

What would you like to say to those who are considering applying?

Don’t think for a second if you want to change your life, vision, creative ideas and make a total upgrade. не думати жодної хвилини, якщо хотете змінити своє життя, бачення, творчі задуми і тотальний апгрейд

How did you like being a student at Vea?

It was one of the best times of my life. And I really miss it. Very.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

EX is so short,but so powerful. Knowledge that will change your ideas, nature, creativity and possibly life. Life will definitely not be the same. Each session is a dive. Very deep, drive. And responsibility.  The result is a new you, filled, bright, strong, powerful and can do anything! All that has ever been part of nature and you can turn it into a product or a work of art. I sincerely wish everyone.

EX так коротко стисло але так потужно. Знання, що змінять ваші уявлення, сутність , творчий підхід і можливо життя. життя точно  не буде колишнім. кожна сесія це занурення. Дуже глибоко , драйвово. і  відповідально. Результат – новий ти, наповнений, яскравий, сильний, потужний і можеш усе! Все що коли небудь було частиною природи а ти можеш перетворити це у продукт чи витвір мистецтва. Щиро бажаю кожному .

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Inna Petrenco
Inno Petrenco was a student at the international education "Experimental expressions with plant materials".