It has been very useful years! 

Elin Susann Havreberg has studied "Experimental expressions with plant materials" at Norges grønne fagskole – Vea. In March 2019 she will take part in the World championship in floristry.

Elin Susann Havreberg has studied «Experimental expressions with plant materials» at Norges grønne fagskole – Vea. In March 2019 she will take part in the World championship in floristry.

What led you to choose the education «Experimental expressions with plant materials»(EX) at Vea in Norway?

It was an «accident» because I had applied for the study “Botanical design” at Vea, but there were too few persons who had applied, so the class couldn’t start that year. Hildegunn at Vea recommended to combine the studies «Experimental expressions with plant materials» and «Master Craftsman’s Certificate” (marketing, economics and leadership).

I was very young, and I thought it was a little bit early for me do “Experimental expressions with plant materials”, but I started and have never regretted it. I was a little bit scared, the others had more experience, it was an artistic way of thinking and I didn’t know that much about art, but now I have learnt more.

How was the study organized?

Experimental expressions with plant materials is a part time study. I followed two studies in one year. EX and «Master Craftman’s Certificate”, two very different studies, but I liked both. The rest of my time I worked in a flower shop.

How was the class?

The students in the class had different background, experience, craft and feelings, but all had respect for each other. When we had gatherings everyone was living, eating and working together.  The class was turned into a small family. We often had to get out of our comfort zone, and then you must trust everyone. We got to know each other very well. We started working at 8 in the morning to twelve in the evening, but no one complained. You can choose, but everyone will do it. We got tired, but never bored.

What has this education meant for you?

I have learnt about environmental techniques. It has made it possible for me to look at plants and other materials in another way, and because of this I see more opportunities within the same materials. Even stuff that’s in the garbage can have beauty, if you are willing to help it along the way.

Vea is an inspirational place to be! There is also a wonderful library.

What are you doing now?

I am going to study to be a teacher in floristry. I am also working part time for BLOK and sometimes in a flower shop.


Elin is going to represent Norway in the World championship in floristry in Philadelphia USA, in March 2019. Do you think EX has made you a better florist for competitions? 

EX has been very useful for me as a contest participant. When preparing for a competition it is useful to have knowledge about how to use all senses. Being a student at EX we learnt how to use feelings, music and lights, to reinforce an expression.

What would you like to say to those who are considering applying?

It’s a wonderful year that will make you learn much about yourself, the plants and botanical materials. I would highly recommend it to anyone with interest in plant materials, art and of expressing yourself in new ways.

As a student at EX I had many steps outside my comfort zone. We must be pushed, and push ourselves to learn more, develop and go further. It has been very useful years.

Text and photo: Dorte Finstad

Experimental expressions with plant materials

The next start for the «Experimental expressions with plant materials» will be August 2020. You can red more about the course here: Experimental expressions with plant materials

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